Lead Generation Tips

Finding Qualified Prospects: 10 Tips for Lead Generation

Finding eligible prospects often presents one of the most difficult challenges for insurance agents.

Once you’ve set up shop and sold policies to your friends and family, it’s often hard to know where to go from there.

It is possible to generate leads effectively and keep a steady flow of prospects coming through your door. When you’re ready to prospect but you’re out of ideas, follow these tips to help you find those qualified insurance shoppers:

  1. Purchase high-quality leads.
    Insurance marketing services like workwithlic can match you up with consumers who are already shopping for insurance, giving you all the information needed to close the sale. Fees are nominal or nonexistent, and leads are usually sent in real-time, enabling you to contact leads sooner rather than later. Prescreened, targeted insurance leads increase your closing ratio, plus give you the flexibility to increase or lower your lead volume based on sales.
  2. Establish yourself as an authority figure in the industry.
    Conduct research through customer surveys or polls, and then publicize your findings through the media or on your Web site. Establishing yourself as a credible authority on insurance issues builds recognition and helps you pull in new customers.
  3. Partner with another business professional.
    Trade contacts you encounter in business with another business professional you know. This is a great way to open doors and prospect for leads—without spending money to do it.
  4. Contribute to lectures or seminars on the topic of insurance.
    Giving informative speeches on your area of expertise gets you noticed, as well as helps you make media contacts. Once you’ve loaned consumers and publicists your expertise, they will remember your name and look to you for their insurance needs.
  5. Buy ads in electronic newsletters.
    This technique allows you to direct prospects right to your Web site and track response rates. With good copy and catchy design, you can grab consumers’ attention, convince them they need your products, and funnel them directly to your doorstep.
  6. Join a networking organization.
    Share business contacts with member businesses through these professional organizations. Annual dues vary, but these well-established community contacts can save you time and money in the long run.
  7. Participate in regional trade shows.
    This is a great way to put yourself and your business in the limelight and promote your wares. Trade shows promote visibility and, by going regional, you can increase your audience reach—and your prospecting list.
  8. Place ads online.
    Consumers today are logging on to research insurance prices and services at an increasing rate. Online ads give you the capacity to reach large numbers of serious shoppers in a casual environment.
  9. Review your database.
    Inactive customers and infrequent buyers are often ripe candidates for sales. So search your database and try again—you never know when that next call will be the right one!
  10. Take advantage of word-of-mouth opportunities.
    Provide superior service, then ask your customers to recommend you to everyone they know. Word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied customers often say what you can’t; what better way to get free advertising and gain new clients?

If you’re in a slump and need qualified prospects, don’t give up. Use these 10 tips for lead generation, build a solid prospect list—and enjoy a successful career in insurance sales!