Building Client Relationship

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Building Solid Client Relationships

Building rock-solid client relationships is the key to maintaining your business. Once you understand customers' issues, speak their language and prove your trustworthiness, you'll keep their business for the long haul. But successful relationships don't just happen; they're planned. If you'd like to boost your client base and build long-lasting relationships that guarantee profits for years to come, take these seven easy steps to success: 1. Maintain a positive attitude: We all love being around people who radiate passion, creativity, happiness and cheer. Strive to become this person to your clients by exuding energy and confidence, and by focusing on positive solutions to their problems. With an upbeat, self-assured attitude, you'll attract, energize and influence clients. 2. Develop rapport & intimacy: Putting your clients at ease should be your primary goal from the first time you talk to them. To establish a bond with your clients that shows them you really care:

  • Work at getting to know them
  • Maintain eye contact during conversations
  • Mirror their behaviors to help them relax
  • Make connections by opening up and sharing personal information of your own

Intimacy comes by taking risks. Consider "putting yourself out there" by:

  • Sharing your thoughts and observations
  • Tapping into your customers' emotions
  • Discerning their thoughts and moods
  • Practicing client interactions

3. Promote trust: If you want your customers to trust you, you must develop:

  • Credibility: includes experience, expertise and insight
  • Dependability: do what you say you'll do
  • Sensitivity: understand your clients' expectations and provide what they need
  • Emotional Connections: listen attentively to client concerns, thoughts, ideas and questions
  • Focus: show interest, curiosity and situation clarity

4. Encourage openness and communication: Empower your clients to say anything at any time—without risking judgment. If you notice any uncertainty or uneasiness during your discussions, ask pointed questions to get them to discuss their concerns. Open communication puts you both on the same page and makes both parties' expectations known. 5. Become service oriented: Clients expect you to be easygoing, so show them you'll bend over backward to meet their needs. Examine your policies, procedures and processes to make sure they're client friendly, and be on the alert for areas needing improvement. Remember, it only takes one negative experience to drive a client away—but it takes up to nine positive experiences to bring a new customer to your door. 6. Produce results: Find ways to help your clients win. Find out exactly what they need/expect and give it to them. Offer as much value as possible—even more than they're expecting—and they'll keep coming back for more. 7. Be upbeat and fun: Are you excited about your work? When you're passionate and love what you do, it shows! We all love being around happy, passionate people…so demonstrate your enthusiasm and excitement to your clients. They'll catch your zeal and keep coming back for more. With a little planning, you can build solid client relationships and maintain a secure future. So polish up on your people skills, put them into practice, and get set for long term success! [formidable id=8 title=true description=true]

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