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IRDA Sample Paper

IRDA Agent Licensing  Question paper

1)       The route or process through which a product is carried to the customer is known as _________________

2)       Age nearer birthday as on 18/06/2000 of a person with date of birth 28/12/1961 is ________

3)       The days of grace for monthly mode of premium is ___________ days.

4)       EDLI scheme is linked to the payment of ________________ (Gratuity / Provident fund / pension)

Write yes or no indicate whether the following request will be allowed by the LIC or not.

5)       The proposal dated 05.10.2000 for Rs.1,50,000 under table 14-18 requests that the policy be made to commence from 28.03.2000 as the date of birth of the life to be assured is 28.12.1973 .

6)       Policy commenced on 01.07.1992 and lapsed because the annual premium due 01.07.1994 was not paid. Request received on 30.06.2000 for revival.

7)       Father insuring his son aged 8 under the New CDA plan requests that the son’s life be covered from inception.

8)       Policy paid up for Rs.4, 000 matured for payment on 30.09.2000. Policyholder reports that the policy is lost and requests that the claim be settled without advertisement and indemnity bond.

9)       Policyholder requests that his Without Profit policy be made a with profits policy

10)     Policyholder requests that policy issued with Annual Premium, be brought under the Salary Savings Scheme, as he has now joined a company

11)     Policy commenced on 10.07.2000. A request is made on 10.09.2000 that the policy be brought under the M.W.P. Act

True or False


12)     A maturity claim will be paid to the nominee.

13)     The amount of bonus that vests is the same for all policies issued by the L.I.C.

14)     Living too long is a risk.

15)     An annuity is the same as a pension.

16)     A son has no insurable interest in the father.

17)     A sub-standard life is a person below the poverty line

18)     An agent is not authorized to collect renewal premium.

19)     An agent’s role is over after the policy is issued.

20)     The maximum age entry is the same for all plans of insurance.

21)     Extra premium is charged for moral hazard.

22)     A lady clerk in a bank will be considered for insurance on the same terms as male lives

23)     In an Immediate Annuity policy the annuity payment begins within the first year of the policy.

24)     The proposal form should be written by the agent himself.



In respect of each of the words in column ‘A’ finds corresponding word in column ‘B’



Column ‘A’      Column ‘B’


25)     Actuary         Death _____________


26)     Annuity          Department   _____________


27)     Assignment    Pension        _____________


28)     Communication         Persuasion    _____________


29)     Insurance      Premiums     _____________


30)     Mortality        Pure Risk      _____________


31)     Motivation      Recognition    _____________


32)     Organisation   Sharing         _____________


33)     Term Assurance       Surplus         _____________


34)     Valuation Transfer     ___________


State whether the actions on the part of the agent in the following situations are right or wrong.


35)     To a query from the prospect about the tax advantages in the proposed policy, the agent replies, “why do you bother? You just tell me how much money you can and I will work out the best policy for you.


36)     Going through the existing polices of a prospect whom he is meeting for the first time, the agent suggests that he should allow three of them to lapse and go in for new policies straight away.


37)     A proponent called up agent to know why a particular medical test was being asked by the office and the agent said he was not aware of the same and would revert to the matter the next day.


38)     The agent was surprised to receive the copy of the letter written by the office to the wife of the insured, forwarding the forms to make a death claim.


39)     Going through the existing polices of a prospect whom he is meeting for the first time, the agent suggests that nominations be made and offers to get them registered by the office.


40)     The agent had left his identity card at home, when he was visiting a prospect.


41)     An agent insists that all his policyholders should send the premium cheques to him, so that he can ensure that delay’s do not happen through oversight.


42)     An agent tells a prospect, who is raising an objection, “why don’t you wrong. Understand this simple basic thing?”


43)     When a policyholder complained that nobody in the insurance office was answering the telephone, the agent said that the office was in a mess and that the Managers were quite incompetent.


44)     An agent being friendly with the assistant in the new business department, used to keep track of the new proposals and try to get business from the same parties.


45)     Agency license is valid for a period of

a)       1 yrs

b)       2 yrs

c)       5 yrs

d)       3 yrs


46)     The body constituted to receive and resolve grievances against an insurer is?____________


47)     An insurance broker is


a)       Representative of the state

b)       Representative of the client

c)       Representative of the insurer



48)     Who shall conduct tests for licensing agents?

a)       IRDA

b)       NSE

c)       III

d)       LIC


49)     When does an insurance policy lapse?

a)       Stopping of bonuses

b)       Assured is declared dead

c)       Insurable interest of proposer ceases to exist

d)       Stopping of periodical payments

e)       Any of the above


50)     When does a policy acquire paid up value?—————.after 3 full year premiums payment


51)     An assignment usually affected for valuable consideration is called:__________________ _________________



52)     A policy can be surrendered, provided the policy is kept in force at least for a period of: ______________.



53)     Which of the following policy is not eligible for loan?

a)       Whole life – participating

b)       Endowment

c)       Money back

d)       Whole life – non participating


54)     What is the basis of contract between the policyholder and the insurer?

a)       The Insurance act

b)       The IRDA act

c)       The Contract act

d)       The Proposal Form


55)     The cash value payable by LIC on termination of the policy contract at the desire of the policyholder but before the expiry term is known as :


__________________ __________________________.

56)     Back Dating is an option to the life assurer to get the advantage of lower age wherein the policy is commenced from a date earlier than the date of signing of proposal form. However back dating is limited to one year.



57)     What is the discount offered in case of

Annual premium —————— 3%

Semi annual —————— 1.5%


58)     If FPR is submitted along with application the risk would be covered -True / False


59)     Under the insurance act 1938, insurance against sickness and medical treatment is NOT part of life insurance business, it gets covered under miscellaneous business, which is part of general insurance business.



60)     In many other countries health insurance is considered as part of the life insurance business.



State True or False


61)     An agent must be of 21 years of age at least.


62)     An agent can sell policies even without a license.


63)     IRDA issues license to an agent.


64)     100 hours of training is a prerequisite for appearing in the recruitment examination.


65)     An agents’ license is valid for 5years.

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