Power of LIC

1. LIC is the biggest financial institute in India.

2. LIC manages a huge fund of approximately Rs. 80,00,000 crores.

3. LIC is the single largest institutional investor in the equity market!

4.  LIC has a large group of trained, qualified, experienced officers who work hard day in and day out before finalizing any investment decision.

5. LIC has constant flow of fund and adequate availability of fund to take timely benefit of opportunity in stock market. In 2008-2009 when market was at its low, LIC invested about 40000 crore.

6. LIC has invested huge amounts in many blue chip companies and has nominee directors in their board.

7.  Experience and expertise of LIC as an organization both in capital & Financial sector is unparallel.

Please read IRDA Annual report dated 07-01-2010 Pvt. company loss.

HDFC : -503 cr

BIRLA : -702 cr

REL : -1085 cr

ICICI : -780 cr

BAJAJ : -71 cr

SBI : -26 cr

TATA : -565 cr

LIC : +957 Cr Profit

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