NEFT Mandate


Dear Policy Holders / Beneficiaries,

In order to ensure faster credit of policy monies with greater security and privacy,

L.I.C of India will be crediting all payments ( Survival Benefit, Maturity, Loan, Surrenders, payments of Pension & Group Schemes etc., ) directly to the Bank Account of the Policyholder / Beneficiary w.e.f 01/10/2011. This is also in accordance with the transparency drive of the Government of India.

All our valued policyholders / Master Policy holders / Annuitants / claimants are requested to give the Bank Account details by downloading the Policy e-payments NEFT mandate form or P&GS mandate form using the link provided.

The completed mandate forms have to be handed over to any Branch office servicing at least one of the policy/policies listed in the mandate. P&GS Master policyholders/beneficiaries/annuitants are requested to complete the mandate form and hand them over to the servicing P&GS Unit.

Click for LIC individual policy NEFT mandate:

Click for P&GS mandate: