How to Check LIC Policy Status without Registration?

LIC Policy Status without Registration

It is possible to check the status of your policy without having to sign up or register for an account with the company.

A billion dollars worth of insurance is given to the working class in India. LIC policies aren’t just used to protect against uncertainty; they are also used to save money. Some policies also give back tax money.

Misplacing policy documents is very common. Keeping the documents ready all the time would be too much for people who are older or who are close to retirement to do. It has been made easier for people who were having a hard time with these important documents. A simple messaging service has been made available for them.

LIC Policy Status without Registration
LIC Policy Status without Registration
  • The Life Insurance Corporation of India gives you a text message number. It can be used to check on the status of a policy without having to sign up. It’s important that you text ASKLIC<policy number>STAT to 56767877 from your registered phone number.


  • Some official and government processes require proof that the policyholder is alive. Policyholders can get a certificate from LIC that shows that their policy is still in existence. If you want to make sure that the Existence Certificate is still valid: SMS ASKLIC<policy number>ECDUE to 56767877 from the phone number you have registered.


  • People tend to forget when they have to pay their insurance premiums, so they don’t pay them on time. Check to see when the last date came out. Make sure you send the text ASKLIC<policy number>ANNPD to 56767877 from your registered cell phone number.
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  • It is important to keep track of how much one has to give out each time. However, it’s not simple. To find out how much your annuity will be, text ASKLIC<policy number>AMOUNT to 56767877 from your phone.


  • There might not be enough money in a policyholder’s account to write a check. If you want to find out what happened to the money you sent back, you can text ASKLIC<policy number>CHQRET to 56767877 from your registered mobile number.


  • Most of the policies require that you pay a set amount each year in installments. Sometimes, the installment has to be paid every six months, every three months, or every month. It’s easy to get information about these kinds of deposits. Send an SMS ASKLIC<policy number>PREMIUM from your registered phone number to find out how much you pay in installments.


  • Bonus money also builds up for insurance policies. It’s easy to find out if your policy has been given a bonus. You can text ASKLIC<policy number>BONUS to 56767877 from your registered phone number to see.


  • It’s possible that unplanned events could make it impossible to pay the premium amount. There will be a lapse in the insurance policy because of this. It’s still possible to bring back this policy in 5 years. SMS ASKLIC<policy number>REVIVAL to 56767877 from your registered phone number to find out how much you can get back.


  • People can get loans from banks and other financial institutions if they have insurance policies. People who own insurance policies might want to know how much their policies can be worth at a certain point in time, like when they bought them. In order to see how much money you can borrow, text ASKLIC<policy number>LOAN to 56767877 from your phone.
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  • very insurance policy has to have a beneficiary named in order to work. It would be their job to get the money if the policyholder died. One can send a text message  ASKLIC<policy number>NOM to 56767877 from one’s registered phone number to find out more about the nomination process.

On top of that, it’s easy to get updates and information on your phone number and email address. LIC’s digital portals only need a user ID and a password to use. Go to the main page of the LIC website. Click the “Online Service” button. Take a look at what’s called “e-service.” click New user registration is on the tab that says “New User Registration.” click the new page, c. Fill in all the information that you need. The process is done when you click “Proceed.”

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