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Re: Facility for LIC-ONLINE CLAIM SETTLEMENT by email in view of the COVID 19 pandemic upto 31.07.2020

In view of the circumstances created by the COVID 19 pandemic, in addition to the existing LIC-ONLINE CLAIM SETTLEMENT procedure, the following relaxations in settlement of Maturity Claims and Survival Benefit are allowed.

The Policyholders can send the claim requirements as mentioned below by email. The scanned copies should not be more than 5 mb. The mail should be sent to<Branch code> where Branch code is the servicing Branch. If 883 is the servicing Branch, the mail will have to be sent to If the size of the attachments is more than 5 mb then kindly send more than one mail. The scanned documents should either be in jpg or pdf and readable. This mail ID should be used only for sending the Claim requirements and not for any other purpose.

The subject of the mail will be the policy number.


  1. The  LIC-ONLINE CLAIM SETTLEMENT is permitted only for policies satisfying all the following conditions:


  1. Policies are Inforce
  2. Policies being serviced in the Branch Office where it has been issued
  3. Policies not assigned
  4. Policies where there is no Loan outstanding
  5. Where Duplicate Policy has not been issued
  6. Where Policy is not issued under Keyman Insurance, Employer Employee Scheme or MWP
  7. In case of Survival Benefit Claim, the Gross SB amount shall be upto 5 Lacs.
  8. In case of Maturity Claim, the Sum Assured of the Policy shall be upto 5 Lacs


  1. Relaxations ( Where above conditions are satisfied)

Following requirements may be received by email. The policyholder will send the scanned copies to his servicing Branch at the mail id as explained above.

  1. Policy Bond 1st and last page
  2. Discharge Form duly filled and witnessed
  3. Form Number 3510 declaration regarding Non assignment
  4. Wherever NEFT is not there, then NEFT Mandate form along with the cancelled cheque
  5. KYC documents, ie ID Proof and address proof along with PAN card.

The Policyholder should mention the Mobile no in his email.

  1. For Survival Benefit, Kindly submit the Policy bond later for endorsement provided the Gross Survival Benefit amount is more than 2 lakhs.
  2. For Maturity Claim where extended life cover is available, kindly submit the Policy bond later for endorsement along with the discharge form.
  3. For all other Maturity Claims treat the Policy bond as canceled and submit the same to our office later along with the discharge form.
  4. If NEFT details were not registered earlier, please ensure a copy of the NEFT mandate and the Canceled cheque is submitted to the Branch.
  5. Physical submission of documents:

Requirements relating to maturity claims and SB claims can also be submitted in any of the Branch Offices of the Corporation.

The Life Plus Offices and Premium points may also collect the physical copies and handover to their parent Branch Office.

These relaxations are available till the 31st of July 2020.






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