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Final (Additional) Bonus: (Assurances)

The results of valuation as at 31.03.2009 have been announced. The results show that the Corporation has 25.78 crores of in force policies in its books. The Reversionary Bonus level has been maintained at the last year’s level. However, the Final Additional Bonus has been increased ranging from 3% to 24% for terms more than 25 years. The amount distributed to the Policyholders by way of bonuses is Rs. 17621.71 crores as against Rs. 15730.72 crores of last year showing an increase of 12.02%. The dividend paid to the Government this year is Rs. 927.46 crores as against Rs. 827.93 in the previous year. The Corporation has provided for 153.77% of the prescribed Solvency margin as against the stipulated 150%.

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