LIC Ananda Application

LIC Ananda Application

There is a new app for LIC agents called “ANANDA” that is for new businesses.

If you want to know what ANANDA stands for, it stands for Atma Nirbhar Agents New Business Digital App. As our country is on its way to becoming ATMA NIRBHAR in every way, we should be proud of it. LIC has taken steps/initiative to make its LIC advisors Atma Nirbhar (Self Dependents).

What is ANANDA Application?

ANANDA is an app where new LIC policies can be issued. The LIC agent doesn’t have to go to the office to log in new LIC policies . If the LIC agent has a computer or laptop, they can quickly log in a new piece of paper.

The main features of the ANANDA app:

1.) This app is only for LIC agents.

2.) It is for people who want to get a new LIC policy.

3.) Only non-medical cases can be sent through ANANDA, and only those cases can go through.

4.) A Child and ULIP Policy is not accepted.

5.) no LIC policy can be taken out in a monthly mode (NACH).

6.) The maximum amount of SA that can be paid should be Rs15 Lac only, not more.

7.) The maximum premium should be 1Lac.

Ananda Update

1.) Medical cases can be used (Update dated 05 June 21)

2.) The maximum amount of SA that can be used is 30 lac.

3.) Minor nominations are allowed.

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Ananda Application Benefits

1.) During the Covid Pandemic, there will be no meetings.

2.) A lot of time is saved by not having to drive.

3.) LIC agents can make more money.

4) LIC Agents can work on holidays and weekends.

5) LIC agents who belong to the CLUB will get more benefits from their policies living longer.

6) Shatakveer, membership club is very simple.

7) The agent saves money by not making multiple trips to the customer and the branch, photocopy, age proof, FPRs, and so on.

8) The agent can say that he has been specifically authorized and trained by LIC to do online sales, which will make him seem more trustworthy.

9.) For the agent, the market grows to all of India. He can ensure you in any place, at any time, and for any amount of money.

10.) After business hours, customers can pay with a debit card, credit card, or Google Pay. This is convenient for both the customers and the agents. This means that there will be less work to correct and follow up on.

11.) It’s the best thing for both the agent and the customer because they get proof of payment and insurance right away.

LIC Ananda Application
LIC Ananda Application

Where to get the LIC Ananda app link?

Go to the main LIC of India website. When you get to the home page, you will see the ANANDA link on the left side of the web page.

In this case, when you click on the ANANDA link, it will take you to a new page.

New Page: You now have to log in  as

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1.) Senior Business Associate.

2.) Agent/CLIA with a password.

3.) Agent/CLIA with OTP (New Option has come.)

4.) Direct Sales Advisor.

5.) IMF with PO.

6.) IMF with ISP.

7.) If you are a regular LIC agent, your USER ID will be LIC agency code and password.

8.) You can now log in with your registered mobile number. OPT will show up on your mobile.

LIC Ananda Application
LIC Ananda Application

Before to Start Policy registration, keep the following points in mind:

1.) Adhar Card and mobile number are linked to the same LIC Agent’s mobile number because OPT will come to that number only when it does.

2.) Adhar Card and mobile number are linked to the same LIC Agent’s mobile number because OPT will come to that number only when it does. 2. As part of the eKYC process, OPT will come to the ADHAR website to do eKYC. The Adhar Card is linked to the same number as the customer’s phone.

3.)When you sign an e-signature, it is stored on your PC or laptop.

4.)Client’s Adhar card is also stored on your computer in an xml format, which you can read on your computer.

The steps for registering a new LIC policy from the ANANDA App

Step 1.) Make an E-KYC for a new LIC Agent User.

1.) Go to the home page of the LIC of India, At,

2.) Click LIC ANANDA Link

3.) At, Register yourself (with OPT is recommended).

4.) Create your eKYC for ANANDA (It’s for first-time user.)

5.) For eKYC there is a help link of Adhar, just put ADHAR number, mobile number, and captcha.

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6.) OPT will come, put it there and download your E-Adhar.

7.) Upload it in LIC Ananda site .

8.) Create a PassCode (any 4digit simple number put there)

That’s All LIC Agent eKYC has been completed. It’s a first-time phenomenon.

Step 2.) After E-KYC of LIC agent for the procedure for ANANDA application.

1.) A new page would open.

2.) Choose the Premium calculation (which is at the top bar on the web page).

3.) Select the LIC Plan that the customer wants.

4.) To fill out a proposal form like this, write down everything you need to do.

5.) Now it’s time to make an E-KYC upload of the Client.

6.) Do the same thing you did for your E-KYC.

LIC Ananda Application
LIC Ananda Application

Step 3.) Steps to apply for ANANDA after figuring out your premium and filling in data.

1.) There will be a link in an email to the client. Where he can see, change, and move forward with this proposal. Now, he will pay (Via BOC, Net banking, Phone pay, Google pay, etc).

2.) It’s time to make an e-signature for the client and upload it. This is very easy to do, just like uploading your eKYC file.

3.) In the next step, you should make your own LIC Agent E sign and upload it.

LIC Ananda Application

As soon as the customer pays the premium, he will get an email with a First Premium Receipt (FPR) on it. A LIC branch official has approved the policy. It will be logged in and the bond paper will be sent to the customer by email.

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