Que. 1 : Which among the following would you recommend in order to seek protection against unforeseen events?
   1.  Debentures
   3.  Transactional products like bank FD’s
   4.  Insurance
Que. 2 : When is the best time to start financial planning?
   1.  Post retirement
   2.  As soon as one gets his first salary
   3.  After marriage
   4.  Only after one gets rich
Que. 3 : MR. Rajesh wants to purchase a new house. This is which category of goal?
   1.  Medium Term Goal
   2.  Long term Goal
   3.  Short term Goal
   4.  All of the above
Que. 4 : Which among the following is not an objective of tax planning?
   1.  Full advantage of tax breaks
   2.  Reduced tax burden as a result of prudent investments
   3.  Tax evasion
   4.  Maximum tax benefit
Que. 5 : Which of the following is not a wealth accumulation product ____
   1.  Fixed Deposit
   2.  Real Estate
   3.  High Yield Bond
   4.  Share

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