Que. 1 : Which of the below is not an element of the life insurance business?
   1.  Subsidy
   2.  Principle of mutuality
   3.  Asset
   4.  The contract
Que. 2 : Who devised the concept of HLV?
   1.  Dr. Martin Luther King
   2.  Prof. Hubener
   3.  Warren Buffet
   4.  George Soros
Que. 3 : Which of the below mentioned insurance plans has the least or no amount of savings element?
   1.  Money back plan
   2.  Whole life plan
   3.  Endowment plan
   4.  Term insurance plan
Que. 4 : Which among the following cannot be termed as an asset?
   1.  Air
   2.  Car
   3.  House
   4.  Human Life
Que. 5 : Which of the below cannot be categorised under risks?
   1.  Natural wear and tear
   2.  Dying too young
   3.  Living with disability
   4.  Dying too early

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