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Que. 1 : Which of the following entities is not regulated by IRDAI?
   1.  Insurance Agent
   2.  Employee s of Insurance company
   3.  Broker
   4.  Insurance company
Que. 2 : Insurance agent represents the
   1.  Insurance company
   2.  Sub-agent
   3.  Co-agent
   4.  Broker
Que. 3 : The agency appointment letter is given by _______________
   1.  Government of India
   2.  IRDAI
   3.  General Insurance Corporation
   4.  Insurer
Que. 4 : What is not prohibited in the latest insurance regulations?
   1.  Commission
   2.  Sharing of commision
   3.  Multilevel marketing
   4.  Rebates
Que. 5 : Identify the statement which is not correct. Insurance agent should_____________
   1.  Indicate the scale of commission if asked by the customer
   2.  Share the commission by way of rebate
   3.  Disclose his licence on demand
   4.  Indicate the premium to be charged

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