Latest Updated IC34 English Paper 19

      1. 1. Question

        Which of the following statements is True?
        (1) The indemnity clause of industrial risks public liability policy excludes Products liability
        (2) The indemnity clause of industrial risks public liability policy excludes Pollution liability

      2. 2. Question

        The authority responsible in the redressal of disputes between the insurer and the insured is known as

      3. 3. Question

        Which of the below statement is correct with regards to corporate frequent travelers plan?

      4. 4. Question

        As per IRDA regulation a surveyor has to be appointed within ____hours/days of reciept of claim intimation from the insured.

      5. 5. Question

        Identify the statement which is not correct. Insurance agent should __________.

      6. 6. Question

        An insured cannot recover more than his actual loss because of

      7. 7. Question

        Insurance agents who hold licence to act as an agent for both a life insurer and a general insurer are called _______________.

      8. 8. Question

        Negotiation is a process _____________.

        If you have any issue, Report this.

      9. 9. Question

        Lloyds Coffee House is regarded as the place where insurance started the way it is practised today. Lloyds is located in __________.

      10. 10. Question

        Which of the following is NOT payable under Burglary(Business Premises) policy?

      11. 11. Question

        Which of the following questions is common to all proposal forms.

      12. 12. Question

        When there are several policies on the same subject-Matter, each insurer pays only a proportion of the loss. This is know as

      13. 13. Question

        In Engineering insurance CAR stands for

      14. 14. Question

        In case of Motor Insurance which document is considered as the only evidence of existence of a valid insurance by police authorities and RTO

      15. 15. Question

        Which of the following statement is True?

      16. 16. Question

        A document which provides an evidence of contract of insurance is called________

      17. 17. Question

        A company has a fire insurance policy containing a clause which requires the testing of all fire alarms on the premises at the end of each working day. Failure to do so may render the policy void. This is known as

      18. 18. Question

        The amount of relief payable under public liability Insurance Act, 1991 for Accident is

      19. 19. Question

        Personal liability insurance policies cover damages to properties and injuries to other people due to

      20. 20. Question

        Two main sources of Income for an Insurance Company are Underwriting Income and __________

      21. 21. Question

        Which of the following statements is True? Domiciliary hospitalization benefit does not include (1) Pre- hospitalization treatment (2) Post -Hospitalization treatment

      22. 22. Question

        Following is not an insurance intermediary:

      23. 23. Question

        Which policy covers damage to actual structure of the vessel?

      24. 24. Question

        An Excess is another word for

      25. 25. Question

        In case of a fire claim, a report from the fire brigade:

      26. 26. Question

        Which among the following cannot be an element in a valid insurance contract?

      27. 27. Question

        In the insurance context risk means

      28. 28. Question

        Reserves for Unexpired risks come under the heading

      29. 29. Question

        Fire reinstatement value policy is not issued in respect of _______

      30. 30. Question

        ______________ means spreading ones investment in different kinds of assets.

      31. 31. Question

        Which of the following question is common to all proposal forms?

      32. 32. Question

        Which of the following statements is True? (1) Code of conduct does not apply to insurance brokers. (2) Code of conduct does not apply to surveyors and loss assessors

      33. 33. Question

        Which of the following statements is true?

      34. 34. Question

        Claim under the critical illness policy is payable if during the policy period the Insured is found to have contracted a critical illness and survives such critical illness for at least _____ days from the date of its discovery.

      35. 35. Question

        If the insurer decides that a certain loss is not payable because it is not covered under the policy then who decides on such matters?

      36. 36. Question

        An example of a fact which need not be disclosed unless asked for is ______________ by the insurer.

      37. 37. Question

        Who among the following carries out the investigation for a claim for a small loss?

      38. 38. Question

        A warranty

      39. 39. Question

        Consumer Protection Act deals with:

      40. 40. Question

        Which of the following is True as per the redressal of public grievances rules? (1) The award should not be more than Rs 20 lakh. (2) The award should be made within three months from the date of complaint

      41. 41. Question

        Which of the following statements is False?

      42. 42. Question

        Insurers follow two premium insurance analysis. One is Asset Liability Management. The other one is

      43. 43. Question

        A subrogation claim is recovered from the third party and which other party?

      44. 44. Question

        Under Motor Insurance Ambulance will be classified under which class?

      45. 45. Question

        Which of the following is not considered as permanent total disablement?

      46. 46. Question

        In shop keepers insurance, which of the following are not covered?

      47. 47. Question

        The sharing of a claim between two insurers is called

      48. 48. Question

        Which of the following is not a contract of indemnity in the strict sense?

      49. 49. Question

        Fire Insurance Policy does not cover damage to property even as add-on cover due to___________.

      50. 50. Question

        When there is a possible claim the insured must initially advise the insurer within what time period?


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