Latest IC33 Practice Set | New Syllabus (2016)

English Mock Exam Paper 9


1. Question
1 points

When the life insurance business was nationalized in India

2. Question
1 points

Predominant cause which sets into motion the chain of events producing the loss is known as ___________

3. Question
1 points

Products can be ________________________

4. Question
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In Fire Insurance if the proposer discloses the following information at the time of insurance contract -1) Construction of building & age, 2) nature of goods in building premises. Then as per the insurance contract which information is he disclosing______________

5. Question
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Soumen was taken a Life Insurance policy of Rs.30 lacs for 20 Years. His yearly premium was Rs. 6000/-. He had given all the premiums regularly. After 12 years he needed a loan of Rs. 50 thousand for his sisters marriage. He applied for a Loan against his policy to the insurance company. The insurance company replied him that their is no savings element in the policy. So they cannot provide loan against the policy. What type of policy he was taken if it was not a ULIP policy?