Latest IC33 Practice Set | New Syllabus (2016)

English Mock Exam Paper 6


1. Question
1 points

Mr. Roy had a Life insurance policy of 20 lacs. After his sudden demise his family claimed the same from the Insurer but the insurer rejectedthe same. Then they applied for a justice in COPA District level. Being unhappy with COPA’s decision theyfurther applied to the Insurance ombudsman. will ombudsman take the case?

2. Question
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Select the correct statement:

3. Question
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Rajesh is a professional who’s job is inducing a commercial transaction through inducing the purchase of a product or service, such act being carried out with the intent of earning remuneration. What is his profession?

4. Question
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____________ is not an indicator of service quality.

5. Question
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Can a complaint be launched against a private insurer?

6. Question
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Which of the below statement best describes a “testimonial”?