Latest IC33 Practice Set | New Syllabus (2016)

English Mock Exam Paper 4


1. Question
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Ram has stoped his primium payment for a life insurance policy from last 14 months though he is surviving. This is not a ULIP policy. Now what is the status of the policy?

2. Question
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Ravi has taken a life insurance policy on 22nd april 2014 and died in Heart attack on 2nd May2015 without paying the premium. His base sum assured was Rs. 3 lacs and a PA rider of Rs. 2 lacs was attached with the policy. His Yearly premium was Rs. 31500. what will his family get from the insurer?

3. Question
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Raghunath is the panchayet Pradhan of his Village. The villagers obey him and use to take his suggestion in crucial matters. Raghunath can be categorised under

4. Question
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kartika has purchased a Life insurance policy on 21.07.2010 and got its FPR on 24.07.2010. She got her policy document on 28.07.2010. She made all renenewal payment for 5 yrs and got all the RPRs. On 12.09.2015 she discovered that she has lost the FPR of the policy. What will happen with that policy?

5. Question
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Sumit is a Insurance agent. He has a license from ABC life insurance company, XYZ General insurance company and FG Health insurance company. Then he is a_________

6. Question
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Naveen Has a license for life insurance agency. He wants to Take a General Insurance agency. How many hours of training he has to take?