Latest IC33 Practice Set | New Syllabus (2016)

English Mock Exam Paper 3


1. Question
1 points

Out of 400 houses, each valued at Rs. 20,000, on an average 4 houses get burnt every year resulting in a combined loss of Rs. 80,000. What should be the annual contribution of each house owner to make good this loss?

2. Question
1 points

Which among the following is a limitation of traditional life insurance products?

3. Question
1 points

Ram 50 years old and shyam 42 years old has taken two term policies with same SA , same term from same co. Ram is a professor and Shyam is a Doctor. Shyam’s annual income is more than Ram. Shyam’s premium was lesser than Rams premium. What is the major reason of this premium difference?

4. Question
1 points

Amount of annuity payable depends on which of the following:
1. Principal sum of money
2. Investment period
3. Rate of return
4. Duration of annuity payments

5. Question
1 points

Which of the below statement is true?

6. Question
1 points

IN off duty cover____________