Que. 1 : Which of the below is a feature of Broken bone policy?
   1.  Fixed benefit or percentage of sum insured mentioned against each fracture is paid at the time of claim.
   2.  Quantum of benefit depends on the type of bone covered and nature of fracture sustained.
   3.  To illustrate further, compound fracture would have higher percentage of benefit than simple fracture. Again, percentage of benefit for femur bone (thigh bone) would have higher percentage over benefit of finger bone.
   4.  All of the above
Que. 2 : Why Health Insurance is important?
   1.  Providing financial assistance to pay for medical facilities
   2.  Preserving the savings of an individual
   3.  Both of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 3 : The first retail health insurance product covering hospitalization costs – Mediclaim – was introduced by the 4 public sector insurers in ____________
   1.  1985
   2.  1982
   3.  1986
   4.  1999
Que. 4 : Which of the below statement is correct As per Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2013?
   1.  Life Insurance Companies may offer long term health products but the premium for such products shall remain unchanged for at least a period of every block of three years, thereafter the premium may be reviewed and modified as necessary.
   2.  Non-Life and Standalone Health insurance companies may offer individual health products with a minimum tenure of one year and a maximum tenure of three years, provided that the premium shall remain unchanged for the tenure.
   3.  Both of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 5 : Which of the below is a classification of health insurance product
   1.  Indemnity covers
   2.  Fixed benefit covers
   3.  Critical illness covers
   4.  All of the above

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