Latest IC33 Practice Set | New Syllabus (2016)

English Mock Exam Paper 18

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1. Question

Which of the below is the most appropriate explanation for the fact that young people are charged lesser life insurance premium as compared to old people?

2. Question

Mr Kumar wants to transfer his property in the name of his Son Vijay, this is known as _________ planning

3. Question

Which among the following is not an objective of tax planning?

4. Question

In the _______________________________ the return depends on when the investment was made and the rate that was secured at the time of investment. It has also been called segmented or investment block method as different investment blocks gets different returns.

5. Question

Ramesh, 16 years old has proposed for a Life insurance contract in ABC insurance company. He is a student and he has no income. His father was expired in 40 years of age. But the proposal has been declined by the insurance company. What is the major reason?