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English Mock Exam Paper 15

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1. Question

Collecting numerous individual contributions From various People. These people have similar assets which are exposed to similar risks. This process is known as _____________

2. Question

Ramesh is a doctor. He is married with a daughter of 7 years. He has taken a life insurance policy and gave his daughters name as a nominee. What else is essential for this insurance coontract?

3. Question

________________________of pension : 1/3 rd of the accumulated value can be withdrawn at the time of retirement and is tax-free.

4. Question

Rahul had a Life insurance policy of Rs. 25 lacs at XYZ Insurance company which he had taken on march 2012. On december 2012 suddenly he expired due to a heart attack. The insurer rejected his death claim. Now where Rahul’s wife go for the justice?

5. Question

Which of the below is a process to classify annuity?