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English Mock Exam Paper 14

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1. Question

Pradip wants to invest in contingency Products. In Below of the which product he should invest.

2. Question

________________________________ is a key principle of insurance and is concerned with how the loss or damage actually occurred and whether it is indeed as a result of an insured peril. If the loss has been caused by the insured peril, the insurer is liable. If the immediate cause is an insured peril, the insurer is bound to make good the loss, otherwise not.
Under this rule, the insurer looks for the predominant cause which sets into motion the chain of events producing the loss. This may not necessarily be the last event that immediately preceded the loss i.e. it is not necessarily an event which is closest to, or immediately responsible for causing the loss.

3. Question

Assets backing the policy reserves form part of a general __________________ in which the insurer maintains the funds of its guaranteed products.

4. Question

What are the contingency related to pension?

5. Question

Which of the below statement is true?