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English Mock Exam Paper 11

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1. Question

Which of the below mentioned insurance plans has the least or no amount of savings element?

2. Question

Mr. Malhotra is looking out for a plan which will provide him a high insurance coverage in low budget. Which plan would you suggest for him?

3. Question

____________________ fund invests money mainly in instruments such as Treasury Bills, Certificates of Deposit, Commercial Paper etc.

4. Question

Financial planning is not a new discipline. It was practiced in simple form by our fore fathers. There were limited investment options then. A few decades ago equity investment was considered by a large majority to be akin to gambling.Savings were largely channelled in bank deposits, postal savings schemes and other fixed income instruments. The challenges facing our society and our customers are far different today. Some of them are:

5. Question

which of the following diseases can commonly be covered in critial illness?