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Jeevan Bharti

Features of plan
This is an exclusive Money back policy for women only with female critical Illness (FCI) and congenital disability benefit (CDB). This plan encourages women to save for safety. it provides free insurance cover for three years if first two years premium has been paid. It has an option to en cash the survival benefit as and when needed. Flexibility to pay premium in advance and avail premium rebate of 4% per annum option to receive maturity proceed in the form of an annuity.
This plan is not allowed for pregnant ladies and the proposers who already have children with congenital disabilities. Waiting period will be 6 months for FCI Benefits & 1 years for CDB Benefit. Lives attracting EMR class II (by build only) will be accepted female lives with physical disability attracting std. extra of Rs.2 per 1000 S.A. under group “A” only will be eligible.

Female critical (FCI) benefit: a benefit equal to the S.A. (subject to a maximum of Rs.2Lacs, will be available on the occurrence of any of the following critical Illnasses. Breast cancer; ovarian/ fallopian tube cancer; cervical cancer; uterine cancer; vaginal/ vulval cancer

Congenital disability benefit (CDB):
if a child born to the policyholder, suffers from any of the congenital disabilities listed below, a benefit equal to 50 % of the S.A. (subject to a maximum of Rs.1Lac) will be available for two children. Conditions apply. The list of congenital disabilities: downs syndrome; spina bifida; Tetralogy of fallot; oesophageal atresia & tracheo-oesaphageal
Fistula, anal atresia, imperforate anus, cleft palate with or with or without cleft Lip.

Paid-up/ Guaranteed special surrender value: it is eligible after the expiry of 3 yrs. If the premium have been paid fully.

Plan parameters
Age at entry: Min.18 yrs Max. 50 yrs
Maturity age: Max. 70 yrs
Term allowed: 15 & 20 yrs
Sum assured: Min.50,000 Max.25 Lac
S.A. in multiples: 5,000
Mode of payment: YLY only
Accident benefit: Rs.1 extra per
(Max. 50 Lac inclusive 1000 SA
All plans)
Policy loan: N.A.
Housing loan: N.A.
Assignment: yes
Revival: yes
Surrender of policy: yes
Term rider: N.A.

Underwriting condition

Form no: 300+ addendum
Age proof: std/NSAP-1
Female lives category: I/II/III
Medical exam: must (female medical examiner only)
Actual sum assured: 1.5 times SA
Risk coverage: SA+GA +Bonus (bonus after 1st 5 yrs)
Dating back @ 8%: Allowed

Survival benefit: 20% of the S.A. at the and of 5/10/15 years for 20 years term (balance payable on maturity plus guaranteed addition plus bonus if any)

Maturity benefit:
for policy term of years: 60% of the S.A. + G.A and bonus after 1st yrs. As declared, will be paid.

Death benefit: on death within the 1st policy years S.A.+G.A will be paid on death after 5 policy years S.A.+ G.A.+ Bonus, if any irrespective of all earlier survival benefit paid is payable.

Example: Mrs. Ambani aged 30 yrs. Is a working woman. she opts for jeevan bharati plan for term 20 yrs. And SA Rs.2 Lac She pays an annual premium of Rs.14910. after 5,10,15 years each she will get 20% of S.A. i.e. Rs.40,000. at the end of 20 yrs. She will get Balance S.A. + G.A Bonus if any i.e. Rs.80,000 +50 x 20 x 200 (bonus assured as 50 per 1000 SA)
= 80,000 +1000 SA terminal bonus, if any
= 2,80,000+ terminal bonus, if any

on death after 4 years her nominee will get S.A + G.A
= 2,00,000 + 50 X 4X 200
= 2,00,000 + 40,000
= 2,40,000 + Terminal Bonus, if any.

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