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LIC Policy Nomination Change

LIC Policy nomination change Procedure

LIC policy nomination change

LIC Policy Nomination change is the most common request by the customers. You must change NomineeNominee on LIC policy if the NomineeNominee is not available now. Change the Nominee in LIC policy is not a very big task.  

In LIC Policies, the nomination is compulsory as per IRDA guidelines. Below are some key points to understand all about Nomination in a LIC Insurance Policy.

Who can become a Nominee in Insurance Policy?

In an Insurance Policy, only a Blood Relative or spouse can be a Nominee.

Can I change the NomineeNominee online also?

No, you can not change Nominee online; for nominee change, you need to visit your home branch, or if you are not in the same city or state, you can visit the nearest branch also. In some cases, the Nominee can be changed from another branch also.

Documents Required for LIC policy nomination change

Following Documents are required for nominee change requests.

  • Proof of Relationship with Nominee.
  • Policy bond (To reflect Changes )
  • Form 3750 (LIC Branch will provide you with this form)
  • Photocopy of your Policy bond
  • Rs.50 Changes in LIC System
  • Rs.100 for a hardcopy of the policy bond

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