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IC38 Mock Test English 3

Que. 1 : Life insurance provides protection against those risk events that can destroy or diminish the ____________________ of human life as an asset.
   1.  Value
   2.  Consideration
   3.  All of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 2 : _________________________means that after the occurrence of an event like fire, the insurer can assess the exact amount of loss that has occurred and pays compensation only to the amount of loss – no more, no less.
   1.  Indemnity
   2.  Assurance
   3.  Asset
   4.  Value
Que. 3 : B2B sales involves:-
   1.  The seller’s role is to effectively demonstrate how the product & company meets the buying criteria.
   2.  The customer is an individual.
   3.  The decision to buy may be taken by one individual
   4.  No tenders are floated and the selection criteria are flexible.
Que. 4 : What does unbundling of life insurance products refers to ?
   1.  Separation of the protection and savings element
   2.  Correlation of life insurance products with bonds
   3.  Amalgamation of protection and savings element
   4.  Separation of the protection and savings element
Que. 5 : Ramesh, 16 years old has proposed for a Life insurance contract in ABC insurance company. He is a student and he has no income. His father was expired in 40 years of age. But the proposal has been declined by the insurance company. What is the major reason ?
   1.  He has no income
   2.  His father was expired on 40 years of age
   3.  Ramesh is a minor
   4.  He is a student

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