IC38 Mock Test English 2

Que. 1 : Mr. Roy had a Life insurance policy of 20 lacs. After his sudden demise his family claimed the same from the Insurer but the insurer rejectedthe same. Then they applied for a justice in COPA District level. Being unhappy with COPA’s decision theyfurther applied to the Insurance ombudsman. will ombudsman take the case ?
   1.  No, because the case was in COPA
   2.  Yes
   3.  No, because it was beyond Ombudsman limit
   4.  None of the above
Que. 2 : Select the correct statement:
   1.  Ethical behaviour is impossible while selling insurance
   2.  Ethical behaviour is not necessary for insurance agents
   3.  Ethical behaviour helps in developing trust between the agent and the insurer
   4.  Ethical behaviour is expected from the top management only
Que. 3 : Rajesh is a professional who’s job is inducing a commercial transaction through inducing the purchase of a product or service, such act being carried out with the intent of earning remuneration. What is his profession ?
   1.  He is a professor
   2.  He is a Teacher
   3.  He is a doctor
   4.  He is a salesman
Que. 4 : ____________ is not an indicator of service quality.
   1.  Reliability
   2.  Cleverness
   3.  Empathy
   4.  Responsiveness
Que. 5 : Can a complaint be launched against a private insurer ?
   1.  Yes, complaint can be launched against private insurers
   2.  Complaints can be launched against public insurers only
   3.  Complaint can be launched against private insurers only in the Life Sector
   4.  Complaint can be launched against private insurers only in the Non-Life Sector

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