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IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent

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IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent
IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent

Many people in India consider becoming an insurance agent as a career option. It’s a pure sales job with a scope of work that’s not dissimilar to that of an insurance company’s or broker’s sales team.

When opposed to a full-time corporate career, becoming an insurance agent has a few advantages and disadvantages.

The following are the eligibility requirements for becoming an insurance agent, as well as a few key factors to consider in this context:

The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

The minimum educational qualification necessary is a normal 12th pass for urban regions and the 10th pass for rural areas, according to Regulation 4 of the IRDAI (Licensing of Insurance Agents) Regulation 2000. (if the population of the area is less than 50,000)

Working as an insurance agent and soliciting insurance business with no more than one life and one general insurance firm is now required by law.

The IRDAI IC 38 exam, which is a pre-agent qualifying exam, must be passed by the candidate.

To become a life or general insurance agent, a candidate must complete 50 hours of training at an IRDAI authorized training facility. A 75-hour training course is required if the individual is applying for the first time for a composite broking license, which includes both life and general insurance. Insurance firms will form partnerships with training providers to provide training to their agents.

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The license is valid for three years after it is awarded. During the renewal process, the candidate

To renew the license for another three years, the applicant does not need to retake the test but must complete 25 hours of practical training.

The Insurance Institute of India, the regulator for the insurance sector, administers the test as a pre-licensing one for the recruitment of agents on behalf of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

We’ll go over the specifics of the exam and offer some helpful hints for passing it. We will also recommend some books to read and advise students on how to prepare for this exam.

IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent|IC 38 Exam Specifications

The individual must first enroll with and register with the insurance company of his choosing. He will then be able to write the exam through the insurance.

To sit for the examination, one must pay a fee of 500/- rupees.

IC 38 is an online exam; no offline exams are currently being offered. The test will be administered through a computer terminal in designated centers.

The exam has a one-hour or 60-minute time limit.

There are 50 multiple choice questions in all, with just one correct answer for each.

Every correct answer receives one mark, and there is no negative grading for incorrect answers.

The minimum score required to pass the test is 18 out of 50, or 35%. Even if a candidate receives 17 out of a possible 20, one mark will be provided as a grace mark in order to pass the exam. To pass the test, we must answer at least 17 accurate questions in total.

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Common insurance issues, General insurance, Life insurance, and Health Insurance will be the topics of the multiple-choice questions.

As soon as the candidate submits the test, the result is created.

How to Pass the IC 38 Exam For LIC Agent

There are no negative marketing questions in the test, so don’t leave any questions unanswered.

Those who seek to take the test without having any prior experience with insurance and without consulting the study materials even once may find it difficult to pass. It is therefore strongly recommended that you go over the study materials at least once before taking the test. Covering the entire syllabus at least once will provide the necessary confidence for the individual to pass the test in one attempt.

During the test, it is recommended that the applicant read all of the questions attentively, especially the options provided by which the candidate can link the closest response, even if he cannot recall the exact answer.

Spend the entire one hour allotted to reading the questions and alternatives attentively. Never undertake the test in a hurried manner.

When writing a 60-minute multiple-choice test, time management is extremely vital. The candidate should keep in mind that each question in the test will take about 1 minute and 20 seconds. By constantly recalling the proper answer, one should not spend too much time on any one question. In this instance, there’s a potential he won’t have enough time to finish all 50 questions.

It is mandatory to maintain some free time on hand at the end of the exam to swiftly revise the answers. This decreases the likelihood of incorrectly ticking the wrong answer and enhances the likelihood of passing the test.

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Study Materials and Guides for IC 38

The www.workwithlic.com/ic38 offers study materials in all Indian regional languages.

This study material is the greatest way to prepare for the exam and may be called the final guidance. The entire syllabus is separated into three sections: life, non-life, and health, and is organized into chapters. There are also sample and practice multiple choice questions, giving the candidate a good indication of the types of questions to expect on the test.

IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent
IC38 EXAM For LIC Agent
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