IC38 English Paper

Que. 1 : Which among the following is not a characteristic of ethical behaviour ?
1. Making adequate disclosures to enable the clients to make an informed decision
2. Maintaining confidentiality of client’s business and personal information
3. Maintaining confidentiality of client’s business and personal information
4. Placing client’s interest ahead of self interest
Que. 2 : ____________ is not a tangible good.
1. House
2. Insurance
3. Mobile Phone
4. A pair of jeans
Que. 3 : _______________ is not an indicator of service quality.
1. Cleverness
2. Reliability
3. Empathy
4. Responsiveness
Que. 4 : In India _______________ insurance is mandatory.
1. Motor third party liability
2. Fire insurance for houses
3. Travel insurance for domestic travel
4. Personal accident
Que. 5 : One of the methods of reducing insurance cost of an insured is __________
1. Reinsurance
2. Deductible
3. Co-insurance
4. Rebate
Que. 6 : A customer having complaint regarding his insurance policy can approach IRDA through
2. District Consumer Forum
3. Ombudsman
4. IGMS or District Consumer Forum or Ombudsman
Que. 7 : Consumer Protection Act deals with:
1. Complaint against insurance companies
2. Complaint against shopkeepers
3. Complaint against brand
4. Complaint against insurance companies, brand and shopkeepers
Que. 8 : ___________ has jurisdiction to entertain matters where value of goods or services and the compensation claim is up to 20 lakhs
1. High Court
2. District Forum
3. State Commission
4. National Commission
Que. 9 : In customer relationship the first impression is created:
1. By being confident
2. By being on time
3. By showing interest
4. By being on time, showing interest and being confident
Que. 10 : Select the correct statement:
1. Ethical behaviour is impossible while selling insurance
2. Ethical behaviour is not necessary for insurance agents
3. Ethical behaviour helps in developing trust between the agent and the insurer
4. Ethical behaviour is expected from the top management only

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