IC38 English Mock Test-5

Que. 1 : ___________________ was the first legislation enacted to regulate the conduct of insurance companies in India
   1.  The Insurance Act 1938
   2.  The Life lnsurnce companies Act 1938
   3.  Provident Fund Act 1912
   4.  The Insurance Act 2000
Que. 2 : Gaurav is unmarried and he has no liabilities. He is also comfortable with equity. What type of insurance product is suitable for Gaurav ?
   1.  Money back plan
   2.  Child Education plan
   3.  ULIP
   4.  Term Assurance
Que. 3 : From a _______________________ standpoint, a product is a bundle of attributes. Firms differentiate their product offerings in the marketplace by packing together different types of attributes or different bundles of the same attributes.
   1.  Sells
   2.  Financial
   3.  Marketing
   4.  None of the above
Que. 4 : What are the contingency related to pension ?
   1.  Inflation
   2.  Longevity risk
   3.  Investment risk
   4.  All of the above
Que. 5 : Which of the below is a pre- requisite for getting a cashless facility ?
   1.  The insured has to approach a network hospital and get the treatment done
   2.  The insurer / TPA will process the cashless settlement after verification of policy details
   3.  Some insurance companies are required to be notified 48 hours before hospitalisation.
   4.  All of the above

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