IC38 English Mock Test 27

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Que. 1 : Under any circumstances, can a policy taken under MWP Act be surrendered ?
   1.  If all the beneficiaries are major
   2.  If one of the beneficiaries is major
   3.  Cannot surrender under any circumstances
   4.  If the trustee is Major
Que. 2 : During which stage of life will an individual appreciate past savings the most ?
   1.  Earner
   2.  Post retirement
   3.  Learner
   4.  Just married
Que. 3 : What is the relation between investment horizon and returns ?
   1.  Greater the investment horizon the larger the returns
   2.  Greater the investment horizon the smaller the returns
   3.  Both are not related at all
   4.  Greater the investment horizon more tax on the returns
Que. 4 : Independent surveyors are required for claims equals to or above ____________________________ as per the insurance act.
   1.  Rs. 40000
   2.  Rs. 15000
   3.  Rs. 20000
   4.  The bearing of investment risk
Que. 5 : Which among the following can be categorised under transactional products ?
   1.  Life insurance
   3.  Bonds
   4.  Bank deposits

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