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IC38 English Mock Test 26

Que. 1 : The first and the primary source of information about an applicant, for the underwriter is his _______
   1.  Proposal form
   2.  Age proof documents
   3.  Financial documents
   4.  Previous medical records
Que. 2 : Praveen died in a car accident. The beneficiary submits documents for death claim. Which of the below document is an additional document required to be submitted in case of accidental death as compared to natural death.
   1.  Certificate of burial or cremation
   2.  Inquest Report
   3.  Treating physician‟s certificate
   4.  Employer‟s certificate
Que. 3 : _________ refers to a hospital/health care provider enlisted by an insurer to provide medical services to an insured on payment by a cashless facility.
   1.  Third Party Administrator
   2.  Day care centre
   3.  Network provider
   4.  Domiciliary
Que. 4 : With the advancement of technology and medical science many complicated surgical procedures have been simplified and do not require more than a day’s stay in the hospital or less than 24 hours at times; for e.g., lithotripsy, cataract etc. The Centre where such procedures are carried out is known as __
   1.  Third Party Administrator
   2.  Day care centre
   3.  Network provider
   4.  Domiciliary
Que. 5 : The underwriting process is completed when ______________
   1.  The policy is issued to the proposer after risk selection and pricing.
   2.  The received information is carefully assessed and classified into appropriate risk categories
   3.  All the medical examinations and tests of the proposer are completed
   4.  All the critical information related to the health and personal details of the proposer are collected through the proposal form

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