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IC38 English Mock Test 25

Que. 1 : Phases of retirement planning are ____
   1.  Conversation, Accumulation
   2.  Accumulation, Conservation, Distribution
   3.  Accumulation, Distribution
   4.  Conservation, Distribution
Que. 2 : What is the primary purpose of a insurance product ?
   1.  Protection against the loss of economic value of an asset
   2.  Safe investment avenue
   3.  Wealth Accumulation
   4.  Tax Rebate
Que. 3 : Which of the following is not a part of investment parameters
   1.  Diversification
   2.  Retirement Planning
   3.  Risk tolerance
   4.  Time Horizon
Que. 4 : The payment of money in an insurance contract is known as___
   1.  Offer and exceptance
   2.  Legality
   3.  Consideration
   4.  Capacity of Parties
Que. 5 : “A clause precluding death due to pregnancy for a lady who is expecting at the time of writing the contract” will be included in which section of a standard policy document ?
   1.  Specific policy provisions
   2.  General provisions
   3.  Policy schedule
   4.  Standard provisions

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