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IC38 English Mock Test 21

Que. 1 : Which was the first Act to regulate life insurance industry in India ?
   1.  Insurance Act, 1938
   2.  Life Insurance Companies Act, 1912
   3.  IRDA Act, 1999
   4.  LIC Act, 1956
Que. 2 : Which of the below party is not eligible to enter into a life insurance contract ?
   1.  Business owner
   2.  Minor
   3.  House wife
   4.  Government employee
Que. 3 : Ashis is not getting a death claim of his father’s life insurance. He is has submitted the claim documents before 1 years 8 months. The Claim amount is 18 lacs. Now where should he complain against the insurance company ?
   1.  Distinct Level
   2.  State Level
   3.  Ombudsman
   4.  National Level
Que. 4 : A customer having complaint regarding his insurance policy can approach IRDA through
   1.  District Consumer Forum
   2.  IGMS or District Consumer Forum or Ombudsman
   3.  Ombudsman
   4.  IGMS
Que. 5 : Which of the following entity is exempt from the purview of the IRDA ?
   1.  LIC of India
   2.  GIC of India
   3.  Postal Life Insurance
   4.  None of the above

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