IC38 English Mock Test 19

Que. 1 : According to common law, when insurable interest should be present in a life insurance contract ?
   1.  At the time of claim
   2.  At the time of taking policy
   3.  Both A and B
   4.  None of the above
Que. 2 : Which facility is given to the policyholder to neutralizethe bargaining power in adhesion contracts ?
   1.  Loan
   2.  Surrender
   3.  Assignment
   4.  Free Look Period
Que. 3 : What does shopkeeper’s Insurance covers ?
   1.  Machinery and Breakdown
   2.  Burglary and Housebreaking
   3.  Electronic Equipment and Appliances
   4.  All of the Above
Que. 4 : Are there any fee / charges that need to be paid for lodging the complaint with the Ombudsman ?
   1.  No fee or charges need to be paid
   2.  A fee of Rs 100 needs to be paid
   3.  20% of the relief sought must be paid as fee
   4.  10% of the relief sought must be paid as fee
Que. 5 : Anil, 20 years old,is madhyamik passed. He is staying in a Urban area. Can he get a Lincense for Innsurance agency ?
   1.  Yes, he meets all criteria
   2.  No, because the minimum age for urban area is 21 years
   3.  No, because the minimum qualification for urban area is 12th standard
   4.  NO, because he is staying in urban area.

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