IC38 English Mock Test 18

Que. 1 : In Motor Insurance one of the warranties is
   1.  The vehicle should not be used for speed testing
   2.  The vehicle should be washed daily
   3.  The vehicle should not be used carrying luggage for personal use
   4.  The vehicle should not be run more than 200 km per day.
Que. 2 : In Shop Keeper’s Insurance, which of the following are not covered ?
   1.  Machinery Breakdown
   2.  Malicious Dmage
   3.  Willful destruction by Insured
   4.  Business interruption
Que. 3 : Mr Kumar wants to transfer his property in the name of his Son Vijay, this is known as _________ planning
   1.  Retirement Planning
   2.  Investment Planning
   3.  Estate Planning
   4.  All of the above
Que. 4 : Which of the below is a query asked before settlement of a claim in General Insurance ?
   1.  What was the reason for the loss?
   2.  Did the loss making event really cause the damage?
   3.  Did the loss really happen?
   4.  All of the above
Que. 5 : Which of the below is a coverage of section II of jewellers block policy ?
   1.  Loss or damage whilst such property is in transit by registered insured parceled post, air freight etc..
   2.  Loss or damage whilst the property insured is in the custody of the insured and other specified persons.
   3.  Loss of or damage to property whilst in the premises insured as a result of fire, explosion, lightning burglary, house breking, theft, hold up, robbery, riot, strikes, malicious damage and terrorism.
   4.  All of the above

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