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IC38 English Mock Test 13

Que. 1 : ___________________ means every party to an insurance contract must disclose all material information.
   1.  Insurable Interest
   2.  Uberrima Fides
   3.  Indemnity
   4.  Proximity
Que. 2 : An example of a fact which need not be disclosed unless asked for is __________________ by the insurer.
   1.  Other Insurance details
   2.  Age of the insured
   3.  Heart ailment
   4.  Presense of fire extinguisher
Que. 3 : Material facts are those that would help the insurer to decide :
   1.  The acceptability of risk
   2.  The rate of premium to be charged
   3.  All of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 4 : Are there any fee / charges that need to be paid for lodging the complaint with the Ombudsman ?
   1.  No fee or charges need to be paid
   2.  A fee of Rs 100 needs to be paid
   3.  20% of the relief sought must be paid as fee
   4.  10% of the relief sought must be paid as fee
Que. 5 : Which is not a capacity to enter into contract ?
   1.  Sound mind
   2.  Minor
   3.  Major
   4.  Not disqualified under law

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