IC38 English Mock Test 11

Que. 1 : Which of the below is an factor of calculating the premium in general insurance ?
   1.  The estimated amount of loss that may arise due to loss of asset.
   2.  The probability of loss due to a loss event (caused by an insured peril)
   3.  All of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 2 : The emergence of which of the following necessitates insurance as a form of security ?
   1.  Nuclear family system
   2.  Joint family system
   3.  Both of the above
   4.  None of the above
Que. 3 : Rajesh is a professional who’s job is inducing a commercial transaction through inducing the purchase of a product or service, such act being carried out with the intent of earning remuneration. What is his profession ?
   1.  He is a Teacher
   2.  He is a professor
   3.  He is a doctor
   4.  He is a salesman
Que. 4 : Government of India transacts life insurance business in India through which of the following:
   1.  LIC of India
   2.  Postal Life Insurance
   3.  GIC of India
   4.  All of the above.
Que. 5 : Which of the following is a method of fixing sum insured in house holder’s insurance ?
   1.  Reinstatement value
   2.  Market value
   3.  Both of the above
   4.  None of the above

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