IC38 English Mock Test-10

Que. 1 : In Motor Insurance one of the warranties is
   1.  The vehicle should not be used for speed testing
   2.  The vehicle should be washed daily
   3.  The vehicle should not be used carrying luggage for personal use
   4.  The vehicle should not be run more than 200 km per day.
Que. 2 : Which of the below is element of financial planning ?
   1.  Investing – allocating assets based on one’s risk taking appetite
   2.  Risk management
   3.  Financing one’s needs
   4.  All of the above
Que. 3 : Mr Kumar wants to transfer his property in the name of his Son Vijay, this is known as _________ planning
   1.  Estate Planning
   2.  Retirement Planning
   3.  Investment Planning
   4.  All of the above
Que. 4 : Claims assesed outside the country in case of travel insurance policies are assesed by:
   1.  Insurer’s own employees
   2.  Claims settling agents named in the policy
   3.  Indian Surveyors
   4.  Local surveyors in the country of loss
Que. 5 : Renewal notice for Motor Insurance is issued by
   1.  The Insured before expiry of policy
   2.  The Insurer before expiry of policy
   3.  The Insured after expiry of policy
   4.  The Insurer after expiry of policy

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