IC38 English Chapter Paper – 9

Que. 1 : What does NAV stands for in an ULIP?
   1.  Net Asset Value
   2.  Net Assumed Value
   3.  Net Assured Value
   4.  Net Average Value
Que. 2 : What does inter-temporal allocation of resources refer to?
   1.  Postponing allocation of resources until the time is right
   2.  Temporary allocation of resources
   3.  Allocation of resources over time
   4.  Diversification of resource allocation
Que. 3 : Which among the following is a limitation of traditional life insurance products?
   1.  Yields on these policies is high
   2.  Clear and visible method of arriving at surrender value
   3.  Well defined cash and savings value component
   4.  Rate of return is not easy to ascertain
Que. 4 : Where was the Universal Life Policy introduced first?
   1.  Great Britain
   2.  USA
   3.  Germany
   4.  France
Que. 5 : Who among the following is most likely to buy variable life insurance?
   1.  Knowledgeable people comfortable with equity
   2.  People seeking fixed return
   3.  People who are risk averse and do not dabble in equity
   4.  Young people in general

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