IC38 English Chapter Paper – 8

Que. 1 : The premium paid for whole life insurance is _____________ than the premium paid for term assurance.
   1.  Lower
   2.  Higher
   3.  Equal
   4.  Substantially higher
Que. 2 : Which among the following is an intangible product?
   1.  Life insurance
   2.  House
   3.  Car
   4.  Soap
Que. 3 : The ________ the premium paid by you towards your life insurance, the ________ will be the compensation paid to the beneficiary in the event of your death.
   1.  Higher, Lower
   2.  Faster, Slower
   3.  Lower, Higher
   4.  Higher, Higher
Que. 4 : Which of the below option is correct with regards to a term insurance plan?
   1.  There is no provision in a term insurance plans to convert it into a whole life insurance plan
   2.  All term insurance plans come with a built-in disability rider
   3.  Term insurance can be bought as a stand-alone policy as well as a rider with another policy
   4.  Term insurance plans come with life-long renewability option
Que. 5 : ___________ life insurance pays off a policyholder’s mortgage in the event of the person’s death.
   1.  Endowment
   2.  Whole
   3.  Term
   4.  Mortgage

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