IC38 English Chapter Paper – 25

Que. 1 : One way to get to a large number of prospects:-
   1.  Is by approaching one’s Natural market
   2.  By reaching out to people through cold calls.
   3.  By taking help of social networking sites
   4.  By taking assistance of COIs.
Que. 2 : An insurance Agent needs to be
   1.  A personal Financial Planner and an Advisor
   2.  An underwriter
   3.  A designer of a customized solutions and a relationship Builder.
   4.  All of the above
Que. 3 : Under ________________ policies in the case of claim notice has to be served on the railways.
   1.  Rail transit
   2.  Fire Insurance
   3.  Life insurance
   4.  Factory Insurance
Que. 4 : Which of the below is a query asked before settlement of a claim in General Insurance?
   1.  Did the loss really happen?
   2.  Did the loss making event really cause the damage?
   3.  What was the reason for the loss?
   4.  All of the above
Que. 5 : Ramesh, 16 years old has proposed for a Life insurance contract in ABC insurance company. He is a student and he has no income. His father was expired in 40 years of age. But the proposal has been declined by the insurance company. What is the major reason?
   1.  He has no income
   2.  His father was expired on 40 years of age
   3.  Ramesh is a minor
   4.  He is a student

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