IC38 English Chapter Paper – 22

Que. 1 : Which one of the following does not represent an insurable risk?
   1.  Fire
   2.  Stolen goods
   3.  Burglary
   4.  Loss of goods due to ship capsizing
Que. 2 : Which among the following cannot be an element in a valid insurance contract?
   1.  Offer and acceptance
   2.  Coercion
   3.  Consideration
   4.  Legality
Que. 3 : Mr. Pinto contracted pneumonia as a result of lying on wet ground after a horse riding accident. The pneumonia resulted in death of Mr. Pinto. What is the proximate cause of the death?
   1.  Pneumonia
   2.  Horse
   3.  Horse riding accident
   4.  Bad luck
Que. 4 : Moral hazard means:
   1.  Dishonesty or character defects in an individual
   2.  Honesty and values in an individual
   3.  Risk of religious beliefs
   4.  Hazard of the property to be insured
Que. 5 : Risk indicates:
   1.  Fear of unknown
   2.  Chance of loss
   3.  Disturbances at public place
   4.  Hazard

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