How to pass IC38 Exam

To pass ic38 exam, you must go through IC 38 Exam.

Below are some steps to Pass IC 38 Exam

  1. Read IC 38 Book Properly
  2. Learn Important Terminology of Insurance
  3. Make and Read Important IC 38 Notes
  4. Practice Chapter-wise IC 38 Mock Test
  5. Then Practice consolidated IC 38 Mock Test

IC38 exam is not a very tough exam, but it requires full attention from the candidate to pass. Question papers contain conceptual question which means your concept about IC 38 subject should be very clear to pass ic38 exam.

Questions are not being asked indifferently. If your concepts are clear, you can answer easily. To clear the concept, you must read the IC38 Book

You need to obtain 35% Marks to pass IC 38 Exam. In case if you obtain 34 Marks, you will get 1 number as Grace to pass.

pass ic38 exam
pass ic38 exam

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