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How to Get Maturity Amount from LIC

By now 2012, To take the maturity of a LIC POLICY, the policyholder needs to visit the home branch along with certain documents. But the end of financial year 2013-14, LIC OF INDIA’s project EDMS will be complete and lic policyholders would be able to take maturity from anywhere.

To take the maturity one needs to submit the following documents to his home branch only. They are as follows:

1. Original policy bond of the policy.

2. NEFT form (duly filled along with a cancel cheque) so that the maturity proceeds can directly be transferred to the policyholder’s account.

3. Revenue stamp of Rs1/- . Form no. ………… also needed to be filled and the policy holder needed to sign across the revenue stamp of Rs 1/- pasted on the form. Note: This form can be obtained directly from the home branch.

Note: If you send the above mentioned document by courier to the branch even then the maturity proceeds will be credited to your account. But the policy holder himself will be responsible for all kind of loss for his documents during the transit.