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English New IC33 Paper 15

Que. 1 : Ailment of the renal system involves _____________________
   1.  Kidney and other urinary parts
   2.  Heart and all the arteries and veins
   3.  Stomach, intestine and liver
   4.  Brain and vertebral column
Que. 2 : Which of the following condition will affect a person’s insurability negatively?
   1.  Banned substance abuse
   2.  Daily jogs
   3.  Lazy nature
   4.  Procrastination
Que. 3 : Family history does not involve any of these factors?
   1.  Family”s residing environment
   2.  Average longivity of the family
   3.  Religion of the family
   4.  Family’s heredity
Que. 4 : Which of the following is an example of moral hazard?
   1.  A person drinking copious amounts of alcohol because he is inured
   2.  A Stunt artist dies while performing a stunt
   3.  Insured defaulting on premium payments
   4.  All of the above
Que. 5 : Amruta is pregnant. She has applied for a term insurance cover. Which of the below option will be the best option to choose for an underwriter to offer insurance to Amruta?
   1.  Acceptance with a restrictive clause
   2.  Decline the proposal
   3.  Acceptance with extra premium
   4.  Acceptance at ordinary rates
Que. 6 : Which of the following is not a case of moral hazard
   1.  When a proposal is made on another without having clear insurable interest
   2.  Proposal is submitted at a branch focated far away place of residence of the proposed insured
   3.  A medical examination is done elsewhere even when a qualified medical examiner is available near one”s placeof residence
   4.  A stuntman of a film offered high sum assured
Que. 7 : Which type of hazard is said to exist when proposal is submitted at a branch located far away from the place of residence of the proposed insured
   1.  Physical Hazard
   2.  Moral Hazard
   3.  Financial Hazard
   4.  Occupational Hazard
Que. 8 : Under what method of underwriting does an underwriter assign positive rating points for all negative or adverse factors (negative points for any positive or favourable factors)?
   1.  Judgment
   2.  Arbitrary
   3.  Numerical rating
   4.  Single step
Que. 9 : Which of the following is not a standard age proof?
   1.  Passport
   2.  School leaving certificate
   3.  Horoscope
   4.  Birth certificate
Que. 10 : Which of the following cases is likely to be declined or postponed by a life insurer
   1.  A person suffering from AIDS
   2.  Healthy 18 year old
   3.  An obese person
   4.  Housewife with no income of her own

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