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Que. 1 : Risk Transfer means –
   1.  Insuring with the owner of the company
   2.  Insuring with another individual
   3.  Risk retention
   4.  Insuring with an insurance company
Que. 2 : An example of a fact which need not be disclosed unless asked for is __________________ by the insurer for life insurance.
   1.  Age of the insured
   2.  Other Insurance details
   3.  Heart ailment
   4.  Presense of fire extinguisher
Que. 3 : Cost of the risk is product of which of the following 2 factors:
   1.  Happenings and result
   2.  Insurance and Assurance
   3.  Cause and effect
   4.  Probability and impact
Que. 4 : Insurance refers to protection against an event that _______________happen whereas Assurance refers to protection against an event that ________________ happen.
   1.  might, will
   2.  may, may not
   3.  must, need not
   4.  will, will not
Que. 5 : Anil, 20 years old,is madhyamik passed. He is staying in a Urban area. Can he get a Lincense for Innsurance agency ?
   1.  No, because the minimum qualification for urban area is 12th standard
   2.  Yes, he meets all criteria
   3.  No, because the minimum age for urban area is 21 years
   4.  NO, because he is staying in urban area

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