English IC33 Latest Paper 9

Que. 1 : What does unbundling of life insurance products refers to?
   1.  Separation of the protection and savings element
   2.  Correlation of life insurance products with bonds
   3.  Correlation of life insurance products with equities
   4.  Amalgamation of protection and savings element
Que. 2 : Which among the following is a non-traditional life insurance product?
   1.  Term assurance
   2.  Endowment insurance
   3.  Universal life insurance
   4.  Whole life insurance
Que. 3 : Which of the below statement is incorrect?
   1.  Variable life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy
   2.  E policy has a cash value account
   3.  Variable life insurance is a temporary life insurance policy
   4.  The policy provides a minimum death benefit guarantee
Que. 4 : As per the IRDA Circular of November 2010, All Universal Life products shall be know as
   1.  Unit Variable Plans
   2.  Variable Insurance Plans
   3.  Unit Linked Insurance Plan
   4.  Term Assurance
Que. 5 : Which among the following is not a non-traditional life insurance product?
   1.  ULIP
   2.  Whole life insurance
   3.  Universal life insurance
   4.  Variable life insurance
Que. 6 : Rajesh wants to purchase a Ulip. However he is skeptical of losing his money in equity and hence wants a fund which would give him moderate returns along with security. Which fund will you suggest to him?
   1.  Debt Fund
   2.  Equity fund
   3.  Balanced Fund
   4.  None of the above
Que. 7 : Samaresh is a engineer. He is married and has 2 sons aged 6 years and 11 years. He wants to purchase a ULIP and has shown interest in investing in a fund where major portion should be invested in equity related instruments. Which fund would you suggest for her?
   1.  Money Market Fund
   2.  Debt Fund
   3.  Equity Fund
   4.  Balanced Fund
Que. 8 : Which of the below is correct with regards to universal life insurance? Statement I: It allows policy owner to vary payments Statement Statement II: Policy owner can earn market based rate of return on cash value
   1.  I is true
   2.  II is true
   3.  I and II are true
   4.  I and II are false
Que. 9 : Which is the fund where major portion of the money is invested in Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Fixed Deposits?
   1.  Balanced Fund
   2.  Money Market Fund
   3.  Equity Fund
   4.  Debt Fund
Que. 10 : Animesh is paying Rs 1.5 lac annually in a plan. The returns of his plan would depend upon the movements of the capital market. Which product has he invested in?
   1.  Pure Endowment Plan
   2.  Term Assurance Plan
   3.  Unit Linked Plan
   4.  Annuity Plan

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