English IC33 Latest Paper 2

Que. 1 : Expand the term IGMS.

1.  Intelligent Grievance Management System   2.  Indian General Management System   3.  Insurance General Management System   4.  Integrated Grievance Management System

Que. 2 : Which forum has the jurisdiction to entertain complaints exceeding Rs 100 lakhs?

1.  Municipal forum   2.  National forum   3.  State forum   4.  District forum

Que. 3 : Complaint can be made to the Ombudsman if ________

1.  The complainant is not satisfied with the reply given by the insurer   2.  Complaint can be made within 2 years from the date of rejection   3.  If the complaint is pending for a long time in any other court   4.  None of the above

Que. 4 : Is there a fee for filling a complaint at the national level?

1.  Rs. 15,000   2.  Rs. 10000   3.  Rs, 5000   4.  No fee

Que. 5 : The awards by the Ombudsman are governed by the following rules

1.  Insurer shall comply with the award and send a written intimation to the ombudsman within 15 days of the receipt of acceptance   2.  Award should be made within a period of 3 months from the date of receipt of the complaint   3.  Award should not be more than RS 20 lakhs   4.  All of the above

Que. 6 : Which act was passed to improve the protection of consumer interests ?

1.  Consumer protection act 1986   2.  GIBNA 1872   3.  1993 the Malhotra committee   4.  None of the above

Que. 7 : Which forum has the jurisdiction to entertain complaints upto Rs 20 lacs

1.  National forum   2.  State forum   3.  District forum   4.  Municipal forum

Que. 18 : Judicial channel for grivience established by the central government is ______

1.  Lifeline   2.  National forum   3.  District Forum   4.  State Forum

Que. 9 : The ________________ has jurisdiction to entertain complaints, where value of the goods or services and the compensation claimed is up to Rs.20 lakhs.

1.  National Commission   2.  Zilla Parishad   3.  State Commission   4.  District Forum

Que. 10 : Can a complaint be launched against a private insurer?

1.  Complaint can be launched against private insurers only in the Non-Life Sector   2.  Yes, complaint can be launched against private insurers   3.  Complaint can be launched against private insurers only in the Life Sector   4.  Complaints can be launched against public insurers only

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