English IC33 Latest Paper 15

Que. 1 : In Shopkeepers insurance all the follwing are covered except

1.  Malicious Damage   2.  Machinery Breakdown   3.  Money carried by customer to business premises   4.  Business interuption

Que. 2 : _______________ can be described as an insurance policy taken out by a business to compensate that business for financial losses that would arise from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business.

1.  MRI   2.  Joint Life Insurance   3.  Credit Life Insurance   4.  Keyman Insurance

Que. 3 : An Insurance agent, after applying for license can be disqualified under section__

1.  Section 44   2.  Section 41   3.  Section 42, sub section (4)   4.  None of the above

Que. 4 : Insurers under right of subrogation are allowed to recover the loss paid from:

1.  Railways and road carriers   2.  Airlines and porttrusts   3.  Shipping companies   4.  All of the above

Que. 5 : __________ is the fees payable to the Authority for issue / renewal of license to Act as an insurance agent or composite insurance agent

1.  120   2.  250   3.  370   4.  100

Que. 6 : No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself is golden rule of which religion ?

1.  Jainism   2.  Islam   3.  Confucianism   4.  Judaism

Que. 7 : Initial contact can be made through a letter, by telephone, face-to face

1.  For sales interview   2.  For conducting a need – gap analysis   3.  For the pre-interview approach   4.  None of the above

Que. 8 : As per the _______________, an agent is one who is licensed under Section 42 of the Act, authorized to be a salesman for insurance

1.  Indian Contract Act   2.  Insurance Act   3.  Stamp Act   4.  Income Tax

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Que. 9 : Insurers, hence, need to determine the true identity of their customers. Agents should ensure that proposers submit the proposal form along with the following as part of the KYC procedure:

1.  Proof of address   2.  Income proof documents in case of high-value transactions   3.  Photographs   4.  All of the above

Que. 10 : Which of the below is a criteria for a hospital establishment ?

1.  Maintains daily records of patients and makes these accessible to the insurance company’s authorised personnel   2.  Has at least 10 in-patient beds in towns having a population of less than 10,00,000   3.  At least 15 in-patient beds in all other places   4.  All of the above

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