English IC33 Latest Paper 10

Que. 1 : Which of the below is a information should give in a non-life Insurance proposal Form ?
   1.  Details of the insured
   2.  Details of the subject matter
   3.  Type of cover required
   4.  All of the above
Que. 2 : _______________________:Yet another challenge is to secure post retirement incomes which are in some measure linked to final salary levels. We must remember that people’s standard of living depends on what they earn and they cannot automatically change these standards when income falls. An occupational pension which offers a defined benefit that bears a decent proportion of final salary could be a viable solution to the problem.
   1.  Inflation
   2.  Replacement income risk
   3.  Longevity risk
   4.  Investment risk
Que. 3 : ____________________:A third contingency is that posed by investment risk — the possibility of one’s retirement savings being rendered inadequate or even wiped out because the underlying investments performed badly vis-à-vis expectations. This can be on account of default by debtors and / or a fall in the market value of investments. Fixed guaranteed pensions are a way to ward off such contingencies. The insurer assumes the investment risk.
   1.  Replacement income risk
   2.  Inflation
   3.  Longevity risk
   4.  Investment risk
Que. 4 : ____________ means transfer of all rights and remedies, with respect to the subject matter of insurance, from insured to insurer
   1.  Risk pooling
   2.  Contribution
   3.  Subrogation
   4.  Legal hazard
Que. 5 : In Health Insurance who are the stake holders in claim process ?
   1.  Customer
   2.  Insurance Company Shareholders
   3.  TPA
   4.  All of the above
Que. 6 : ________________________________, on the other hand depends on the individual’s own contribution which is supplemented, in many cases, by State subsidies.
   1.  The earnings related supplementary portion
   2.  Flat rate and means tested
   3.  Immediate Annuity
   4.  Deferred Annuity
Que. 7 : A __________________ cash value policy has a face amount that remains level throughout the policy term
   1.  Non traditional
   2.  Traditional
   3.  Variable
   4.  Universal life insurance
Que. 8 : What are the factors which effects chance of illness ?
   1.  Gender
   2.  Age
   3.  Occupation
   4.  All of the above
Que. 9 : Pradip wants to invest in wealth Accumulation Products. In Below of the which product he should invest.
   1.  Life Insurance
   2.  Bank FD
   4.  General Insurance
Que. 10 : As per IRDA insurer should bear atleast ________________ of pre hpolicy health checkup expenses.
   1.  100%
   2.  70%
   3.  80%
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